The Journey

“To Create A Better Life For All”

Corporate Vision, Mission & Value


To be the worlds top choice for flexible and innovative garment provider.


Sustainable profit growth

Providing customer satisfaction through high-quality products and excellent service

Creating a skilled workforce and strong leadership through competency enhancement

Contributing to the environment through social responsibility.


Thrive for the best



Move Forward


Solid Team Work



Kami percaya dalam mencapai kualitas tertinggi dalam segala hal yang dilakukan dengan menggabungkan keterampilan hati dan pikiran.


Kami menerapkan standar perawatan kelas dunia untuk semua yang dilakukan.


Kami berjanji berkomitmen untuk bekerja keras dan berjuang untuk hasil terbaik setiap hari.


Grand Opening
Mr. Dedie Suherlan's speech on Trimas Grand Opening
The grand opening of PT. Trimas Sarana Garment Industry's site on May 15, 1991, marked a historic milestone in the company's journey. With its first garment export to Japan, the company embarked on its presence in the international market.
Grand Opening
Garment Experts
Acquire Firsthand Knowledge from the Experts
Throughout the factory's journey to produce high-quality garments, garment experts played a crucial role. These experts, with their extensive knowledge and experience in the garment industry, brought valuable insights and skills to ensure the production of top-notch products.
Garment Experts
A Decade of Service
As a decade passed by, the company has been growing into a large-scale garment manufacturer at that moment and has reached not only Japan but also the US.
A Decade of Service
The Next Chapter
Digitalization & Automation
The beginning of the digitalization and production automation era marks a new chapter in the company's manufacturing revolution. As it produces a diverse range of products, including formal pants, casual and functional pants, sportswear, and corporate uniforms all with exquisit quality, the company is ready to soar high and reach the global market.
The Next Chapter
The Future
Equipped with the latest advanced machinery, our flexibility and agility are adapted to the rapidly changing world of international supply chain and ready to bring out our craftsmanship to the next level.
The Future

Manufacturing Technology

Focused on every detail to bring the best of our preparation process to ensure the continuity supply to the next core process
Focused on every detail to bring the best of our preparation process to ensure the continuity supply to the next core process
With adjustable dimensions, this waistband curtain maker has the flexibility to create waistband curtains of various lengths and sizes, catering to the specific requirements of our customers. This machine’s ability to seamlessly integrate several functions into one efficient unit has optimized workflows, enabling us to meet increasing customer demands while maintaining exceptional craftsmanship.
With advanced automatic cutting technology, user-friendly design, and a multitude of advantages, these machines are poised to revolutionize our production processes, enabling us to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and superior quality.Our goal is to elevate productivity by leveraging their precision cutting capabilities, ensuring exceptional quality and meeting our customers specifications.